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Fraud Detection for VoIP

Use SentryPeer® to help prevent VoIP cyberattacks, fraudulent VoIP phone calls (toll fraud) and improve cybersecurity by detecting early stage reconnaissance attempts.

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Stay on top of VoIP fraud

With early notification of potential VoIP fraud attempts, you can stay on top of customer fraud and help prevent it from happening.

Use SentryPeer® to detect early stage potential VoIP fraud reconnaissance attempts.

“Being able to detect and be instantly notified of potential VoIP fraud probes really helps us deal with fraud before it has a major impact.”

Marcia Hill, Chief Security Officer
Marcia Hill, Chief Security Officer
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Better understand your customer VoIP traffic

Being able to detect and alert on customer traffic anomalies helps you deal with potential VoIP fraud.

When a customer or customer account is flagged, you can take action to help prevent VoIP fraud and notify them about a potential handset or PBX security issue.

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Giving you the flexibility to use your existing tools

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People looking at a laptop to help tackle VoIP fraud by using SentryPeer

SentryPeer® Metrics

Get actionable data from our API and apps that will help protect your VoIP systems

As a VoIP provider or VoIP user, you need to know how your service is being used. You need to be able to detect suspicious VoIP traffic; Are these phone calls to known VoIP fraud test numbers? Has a customer been compromised? Are they using a compromised PBX, handset or app?

200K+ Phone numbers collected from VoIP fraud reconnaissance attempts.

2.5K+ IP Addresses uniquely identified that originate potential VoIP cyberattacks.

2M+ VoIP reconnaissance events logged and analysed.

38k+ Downloads to date (140 per day) of the SentryPeer® open source VoIP fraud detection tool via the Deutsche Telekom Security GmbH T-Pot honeypot project.

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