Work in the Cybersecurity industry? We gather lots of realtime data. We do our software engineering in the open.

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With the SentryPeer dashboard, you can see SIP probes and reconnaissance attempts in realtime. You can watch your API queries in realtime too. Everything is open source, so you can audit the code yourself.

Have a read of our Security Policies and Procedures, and if you do find something, please report it to us.

  • Adoptions. SentryPeer is available in Kali Linux and the Deutsche Telekom, T-Pot - The All In One Honeypot Platform, as well in major Linux distributions.
  • Anonymity. With our Service Provider Plans, you can send us anonymised data in your API queries. This works by you taking a cryptographic hash of the data you want to send us, and then sending us a portion of the hash. We then match that against that hash prefix and send you the results in our API response. You compare the full hashes on your side.
  • Integrations. SentryPeer integrates with many VoIP platforms and PBXs. We also have various developer features that allow custom integrations like WebHooks.
  • Realtime. SentryPeer is realtime, it can help prevent VoIP cyberattacks, fraudulent VoIP phone calls (toll fraud) and improve cybersecurity by detecting early stage reconnaissance attempts.
  • Run your own. There is absolutely no need to send your CDRs to us. SentryPeer can be self-hosted, so you can run it on your own infrastructure.
  • Early warning. There's nothing worse as a customer than hearing about fraud after the fact. Be alerted as soon as something suspicious is detected and provide that additional value for your customers by contacting them before it costs either of you money.

SentryPeer works by you sending us an API call for each phone call (or IP address) you want to check. We then send you back a response with the results of our analysis. You can then use this information to block the phone call, or take other action.

Please read our documentation for more information.

Not sure where to start? No problem. Hire us to help.

We'll listen and let you know straight away if SentryPeer is a good fit for your use case. We can then help you understand the best way to integrate your systems with the SentryPeer APIs and data feeds.

Custom software development, systems integration, and rollout support are also available. Please contact us to arrange a free consultation.