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It's a fantastic idea to stay on top of security and potential VoIP fraud, even if you're not a business.

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SentryPeer is the perfect fit for a software enthusiast who wants privacy and to run everything themselves. It was designed for exactly that since the beginning.

  • Realtime. SentryPeer is realtime, it can help prevent VoIP cyberattacks, fraudulent VoIP phone calls (toll fraud) and improve cybersecurity by detecting early stage reconnaissance attempts.
  • Run your own. There is absolutely no need to send your CDRs to us. SentryPeer can be self-hosted, so you can run it on your own infrastructure.
  • Early warning. There's nothing worse than hearing about fraud after the fact. Especially when you have the skills to implement solutions yourself. Be alerted as soon as something suspicious is detected.

Interested in how we develop the software that powers all of this? Have a browse of the SentryPeer code on GitHub. We're always looking for new contributors!

Not sure where to start? No problem.

We'll listen and let you know straight away if SentryPeer is a good fit for your use case. We can then help you understand the best way to integrate your systems with the SentryPeer APIs and data feeds.

Custom software development, systems integration, and rollout support are also available. Please contact us to arrange a free consultation.